AIF Mission Statement

Victory at all costs, victory in spite of terror, victory however long and hard the road maybe. for without victory, there is no survival.

The AIF are a new English patriotic protest organisation, set up by people, for the people with the same FEARS, AIMS and OBJECTIVES about the country we live in, England. The AIF are a non violent, non facist/racist organisation, whose members all have a voice. A voice that will be heard.
To save the England as we know it and the culture that our fathers and fore fathers fought for. A culture that is being eroded on a daily basis by the governments diversity policy. in particular the ongoing concerns that many people feel is the Islamification of our country, by an influx of immigrants who have there own agenda, that is to install Sharia law into this country.
The decision to remain in the EU by the government and not let the people have a choice in whether too or not, is a travesty. This decision is leading this country to be swamped by 000’s of immigrants from both within the EU and Asia/Africa who are having a detrimental effect on this country as a whole and causing the people great concern. It is this concern that the AIF will be actively trying to address, both politically and by peaceful means.

Our armed forces are fighting a daily war with this on a daily basis and because we all love the country that they are trying to protect, we in turn will fight to stop England becoming another Islamic state.

We seek nothing but the elementary right implanted in every man. The right if you are attacked, to defend yourself.

When the government fails in its duty to protect its people and land, from attack from extremists that are forcefully making England their land. Then it is up to the people to act. The time will come when only the people, patriotic people of England will step forward and reclaim what is theirs. Be part of that with the AIF. For that time is now upon us.

With being a patriot/supporter of the AIF there are guide lines to follow, we do not permit drinking of alcohol before protests, anybody found to be intoxicated will be advised this behaviour is not acceptable. If people persist to drink and show us the AIF in a bad light, you will NOT be welcome at any future protests, also the amount of infighting between various patriotic groups is detrimental to OUR cause, we will stand with any other orgs that support us, so for that reason the AIF advise you to leave your egos at the door, If you cause trouble, again you will be advised that if you persist you will NOT be welcome at any future protests.
We Go Where We Want

No Surrender



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