The destruction of England

Everyday we hear more and more Muslim grooming gangs raping and exploiting our girls on a daily basis, but apart from locking them up which in turn when they get to jail they become more extrem and radicalised in the dark and barbaric cult that is Islam! They have infiltrated our government our schools and are taking away the power of OUR people on OUR own lands! To touch on the schools fiasco in Birmingham and Trojan horse. The ofsted representative looking into said schools and gave them passes with flying colours is also a Muslim. These schools should be closed down ASAP! These so called “faith” schools are not part of western culture and should not be forced on us that do not nor need in our country! As for the likes of the government, they have lost control and are bowing down and appeasing Muslims, letting them take control where ever they like. We can not go on like this! Before you can say boo we are going to end up bowing down to them! Well, the AIF along with other organisations are trying our best to fight back against this poisonous cult! If you are also in the same thinking as US stand up and be counted. Without unity, we will lose the fight to protect the country that our fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers fought tooth and nail to protect the land and democracy that you and I live in today! If you want to stop this happening again you must shout loud enough for people to hear! So get shouting people and fight for what’s yours!


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