Month: June 2014

BRITISH ISLAMIC HATE PREACHER Lives Off Welfare System While Promoting ISIS and Sharia Law (Video)

British hate preacher Abu Waleed was seen recently preaching with an ISIS banner in the background. Via MEMRI: Waleed says Muslims should humiliate Christians and force them to shave their heads and wear a red belts around their necks.



Fears of new flood of refugees as eight suspected illegal immigrants are rescued in English Channel after their tiny rubber dinghy broke down

A Romanian has been arrested on suspicion of ferrying eight suspected illegal immigrants across the English Channel in an inflatable boat, pictured, after it broke down just five miles from Dover in Kent.


British student urges young Muslims to secretly join Syria jihad in online recruitment video – Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

“I came here to answer the call of duty and give victory to the religion of Allah.” The British have a problem, and it isn’t counter-jihadists. The jihad that Muslims from the UK are waging in Iraq and Syria today will be waged on the streets of London tomorrow. Lee Rigby was only the beginning. …


UK Muslim mother demands investigation, firing after school mistakenly serves son non-halal burger – Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

It was a mistake. The school apologized. But that wasn’t enough. The Muslim mother is demanding an investigation and the firing of the guilty party. This once again is supremacism: the British authorities are fools if they think the Muslims are going to coexist with them as equals on an indefinite basis. They will keep …