The Muslim Grooming Epidemic Spreads To Stevenage

Kafir Crusaders

Stevenage becomes the latest British town to have reports of a grooming / sexual exploitation problem involving Muslim sex offenders. Two males and one female have appeared in court for preliminary hearing on child sex and prostitution charges.  Paedophiles Maiwand Abbasi, 19, of Archer Road; Yar Mohammed, 22, of Inskip Crescent  are accused of paying for sex with a child. Talia Whitlock, 19, of Ayr Close, appears to be the one doing the pimping having been charged with arranging the prostitution of a child aged under 14 and sex trafficking 

Coincidently Talia Whitlock on her facebook profile has liked a page called BLUD…THAT GIRL’S FOURTEEN.

The madam, Talia Whitlock from stevenage pimped out 14 year old for sex with Muslim paedos

With a pretty face like that i’m sure the butch lesbian cons in HMP Holloway will be all wanting her for their bitch.

Stevenage trio accused of trafficking under-aged girls for sex

Two young men and a woman from Stevenage have appeared in court in connection with the…

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