Four arrested in Birmingham raids on suspicion of terrorism offences

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Three men and a woman held at police stations across West Midlands over Syria-related allegations

A.I.F‘s insight:

Three men and a woman from the West Midlands, including a mother and son, have been arrested this morning on suspicion of terrorism offences connected to the conflict in Syria.

One of the men, who is aged 45 and from Hall Green, is suspected of attending a terrorist training camp and facilitating terrorism overseas.

The others – a man aged 36 from Shirley, plus a woman aged 44 and her son aged 20from Sparkhill – were detained on suspicion of facilitating terrorism overseas.

All four are being held at a police station in the West Midlands area.

Their three home addresses are being searched by officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.

Vehicles and electronic equipment are being removed for forensic analysis by specialist officers.



Head of investigations for West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, Detective Superintendent Shaun Edwards, said: “All four arrests are connected. They were pre-planned and intelligence led. There was no immediate risk to public safety.

“We continue to urge anyone planning to travel to Syria to read the advice issued by the Foreign Office.”

Anti-terrorism specialists have stressed that there is  “huge concern” that Britons arriving back after fighting in Syria posed a threat to UK security.

Officers from Scotland Yard said its biggest concern was some could return as terrorists.

Some of those going to Syria to train in terror camps or fight are thought to have been as young as 17. It is understood the majority were young men – although they were aware of some young women also travelling there.

Militants with suspected links to al-Qaeda have been heading to war-torn Syria from many other countries since fighting broke out in 2011.

Intelligence officials have estimated that the number of UK nationals among them may be in the low hundreds.

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