North East Infidels Meeting Statement

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*North East Infidels Meeting Statement*

NEI meeting…. First off I’d like to thank everyone that has attended today , as its an open meeting we have different groups from all over the north east here , the reason behind this meeting is not just for our NEI members to see what’s happening but a chance for others to see what we are doing to tackle the North Easts growing Islamic problems . The NEI have had a goal for a few years now and I’ve fought long and hard to bring unity into the North East , I’ve come across obsitcals along the way but I hope with a bit of patience and more hard work I hope to carry on . I’ve always said I don’t care what group you are from all I want is for us all to stand united , we have had success in Sunderland , Durham , Shields and Hartlepool , and now we are hoping to achieve more victories in Boro and other places in the N E . I ask everyone in here today to take with them and share amongst your individual groups one thing and that is this….THE NEI WILL STAND WITH ANYONE THAT STANDS AGAINST ISLAM … Anyone wanting our support and help all you have to do is ask and we will be there …. NEI WE GO WHERE WE WANT.


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