Justice Islamic style – and many Muslims in Britain agree with Sharia law

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Sharia law we all know is a backward medieval so called justice system that has no place in our civilised society, yet we know that in-house courts are happening in muslim areas in Britain. Full blown Sharia law  and all of its hideous attributes are well practiced in public in countries like Saudi Arabia, where Prince Charles joined in recently with the ruling Saudis in a sword dance.

Yes, we agree he looked an utter prat, but he has to go through the pace to keep the Saudi`s happy.Once instance of how the Saudi`s carry out their hideous medieval law enforcement has been highlighted by our media here in the UK.An unnamed man in his 30`s, attacked his mother, which is totally unacceptable and punched her. The blow to her face knocked out a tooth.Now in Britain such as case would involve a fine or prison but in Saudi Arabia where the muslim sharia law rules in justice cases, the accused individual will be punished by having the same tooth broken.The man was also sentenced on top of such a barbaric practice of five years in jail and 2,400 lashes to be given at a rate of 40 every 10 days in a public marketplace.The Saudi nation has faced continuous world condemnation over its use of corporal and capital punishment, where public beatings and executions are common place in the family run elite country.Such is the brutality in the muslim nation that one political activist who called for the end of direct rule and a constitutional monarchy was sentenced to 300 lashes and four years in prison.Maybe Prince Charles should think about that before he dances the Saudi sword dance with the ruling Saudis and their brutal running of the country.


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