Plans for mosque are scaled back

Grafton Street in Preston

Grafton Street in Preston

 Proposals to move the Preston Muslim and Cultural Centre from 21 Fishergate Hill to 26/27 Fishergate Hill and 11/11a Grafton Street were rejected by Preston Council’s planning committee last year after councillors said it was too big.

Now the centre has put forward plans which would see the Masjid reduced in size and repositioned on the site so it is further away from the boundary with neighbouring properties.

The centre wants to relocate in a bid to accommodate the increasing number of people using the place of worship.

Arshad Dadabhoy from the centre said: “We have engaged with the council and the planning experts and have resubmitted the plan based on those points that we were asked to review. “It is a relocation of an existing facility, the site is suitable, it is at the heart of the city.

“We have taken on board all the key issues and addressed them. We are optimistic.”

Mr Dadobhoy said the new site would also enable the mosque to better accommodate groups who visit the centre, including schools, scouts, brownies and other community groups.

The new application outlines that the community room will be reduced in size to allow the new building to be located further away from the boundary.

The organisation has also carried out community consultation and in the application highlight the need to inform the wider community in advance of occasions which may see larger numbers attending the centre and make temporary arrangements to minimise any inconvenience and disruption.

A decision on the plans will be made by Preston Council in the coming months.


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